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Gruesome Gang
Halloween Props

$39.95 each

Gruesome Gang
Halloween Props

This gruesome set of 5 props is perfect for your over-the-top Halloween party. Each prop is hand-crafted for a one-of-a-kind finish. Available individually or as a set of 5.

The Cursed Connoisseur, mustache and fangs
3.25" wide

The Silent Coquette, stitched and bloody smile
3.5" wide

The Serpent Smile with forked tongue
4" wide, 2" tall

The Ravenous Engineer, XL mustache
7.5" wide

The Werewolf Beard with bloody teeth
6" wide by 4.5" tall

All props are affixed to 8" stainless steel rods.

Purchase the whole Gruesome Gang of 5 for a 10% discount!

Plastic • Durable • Sanitary • 3D • Handmade in America


Plastic • Durable • Sanitary • BPA Free • 3D • Made in the USA

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